SIM Young Scribes: Short Stories

4 minutes. Anxious steps echoed around the ruined building, eyes constantly trained on her watch. She was stressed and she was tired but she would never admit that. The ticking of her watch echoed alongside...

“Ring!!!" The sound Mapitsi and her classmates heard before they got up and left the classroom. The sound that signaled the end of the last class of the term. The sound that meant taking it easy for a whole month, but for Mapitsi it meant something else.

I would squeeze the densely soaked sponge above her head and let the warm water run over her face so that she could squint her eyes and I could see expression show on her face.

I’m detective Kathy. I’m on a mystery search to find out more about the house three blocks away, house number 48 Wingkle Street. There is a mysterious lady and some weird cat-dog transforming creature that lives there.

She was a well-known prostitute but not for only just prostituting herself to sugar-daddies but for being a very excellent home wrecker who wrought havoc in families . She had one of a bizarre childhood, with no mother nor a father to look after her only a haughty and evil uncle.

A long, long time ago, in a fictional land called Kurishwa, lived a demon named Videl. The devil’s daughter. She was said to have possessed immense and incredible abilities, and her powers surpassed those of the gods.

Plain white walls and lonely hallways.  Time for me had stood still as I recalled when I was first bought here.  Apparently my home was in a fire and I was rescued by a firefighter.  Unfortunately my parents and elder sister did not survive.  I was seven years of age.