Being a man, despite my sister’s failed attempts to make a gay out of me at some point in my childhood (due to her having been the only girl among four siblings and I suppose the oldest too)...

So what is love? Or rather a more useful question would be, “What good is love, anyway?” A question made ever more relevant by just having one look at the way our people behave today; young and sadly old too, particularly men. 

I read a number of articles earlier this week in which FW de Klerk of The FW De Klerk Foundation was quoted as saying, “I am an African” during a lecture he gave on the 25th of October 2013. The lecture was the 12th Europe 

I’m at a crossroad. This concerns Black women and beauty particularly as it relates to weaves, wigs, make-up, and other cosmetic products or services. My discomfort is not so much that these are. 

So I was bored, flipping between channels on TV waiting for a friend to come over. I was with 2 boys both in their early teens at a close friend’s home. One of the boys asked if I was watching because they wanted to play games. 

There is something that does not sit well with me when it comes to such fads as Children’s Month, Mandela Day, Heritage Month, and the whole lot of them. But among them none vexes me more than the one of August; Women’s Month.